Altar’d State Try-Ons: November 2019

I’ve loved Altar’d State for quite a while now, but unfortunately, the stores have all been mostly down south and not near me. Matched with the fact that I didn’t really know much about the sizing, I couldn’t really shop the store too much. Just in time for the holiday season, the company opened two new stores not too far from me, so I knew I needed to go for a little shopping trip.

When I first walked in, the store was entirely decked out for Christmas. The stores are beautiful as they are, but the trees, décor, and holiday music playing definitely put me in a magical holiday mood. I wandered around the store for a while, picked up a bunch of things to try on, and headed over to the fitting rooms (which are just as gorgeous and festive as the rest of the store).

Selene Dress, $24.88 (sale)
Full Zip Wubby Jacket, $99.95
Kaz Dress, $79.95
Eversoft Chenille Scalloped, $69.95
Dreamin’ In Thermal Brushed, $49.95
Chenille Cable Cardigan, $69.95
Alpine Cord Wubby Puffer Vest, $79.95

It’s pretty easy to say that I fell in love with everything I tried on, but I definitely couldn’t take everything home. I decided to take home the sale Selene dress, and since there was a buy one get one 50% off promotion going on, I also bought the Wallace top and Chenille Cable Cardigan. I have quite a few items on my wish list from Altar’d State now, and can’t wait to go back soon to explore even more!

See ya real soon,

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