Saturday on the Beach

For me, the beach always means summer. When I had a long weekend off from school last week (4 days without finals!), I knew a day trip to the ocean would be much needed. Luckily, Cape May is only a day trip for me. It’s a quaint little beach town with so many cute little stores and restaurants. I’ve been going with my family since I’ve been a baby, and I always have a great time there.

We picked up our lunch on the way down and spent quite a few hours on the beach. Between long walks, photo sessions, and just relaxing, the day was near perfect. After the beach, we walked around the Commons and went to Peace Pie for a little ice cream. We stopped at a diner on the way home for dinner.



Swim top- Lilly Pulitzer. Swim Bottom, Cover-Up Shirt- Delia*s. Top- Hollister. Shorts- PINK. Hat- Dollywood. Sunglasses- Quay Australia. Sandals- Reefs for Busch Gardens.

Stay sunny everyone,


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