Spring Break- Tuesday

If you missed yesterday’s post, click here.

Welcome back to my Spring Break tales!

Tuesday was pretty much a driving day. We went to Paula Deen’s for breakfast because everyone in my family loves the breakfast, and it was a good way to start the morning. After eating, we looked around the store downstairs and bought a few little food things (aka the best salad dressing on the planet and a really good marinade).

We pulled out of town and headed to Williamsburg, VA. We drove for a little bit, then stopped at Hamrick’s, a store that I’ve been going to since I was really little (they sell clothing, accessories, shoes and a few home goods). We drove for a little longer, then stopped at Chick-fil-a for lunch and Sheetz for gas.

We made it to Williamsburg around 3 or 4pm. There were a few different things we could do, but we decided to go to Busch Gardens for a few hours. We walked around the park, saw Celtic Fyre in the Abbey Stone Theater in Ireland, had dinner at Marco Polo’s Marketplace in Italy, and got an ice cream sundae at Josephine’s in France. After our evening at the park, we left and checked into our hotel for the night.

I really hope that you guys like reading about my spring break, come back tomorrow for the next post!

Lots of love,


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